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the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type

material printed in small type


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The footnoted business was acquired by Morningstar in 2010 from Financial Fineprint.
With electronic controls that eliminate time-consuming manual adjustments, the Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Flatbed Screen Printing Line is custom-configured to dimensions that will allow optimized print formats for faster throughput.
And all that is left is for the legal fineprint to be sorted out.
In fact, if the appraiser is willing to allow pdfFactory to place a statement at the bottom of each page stating, "PDF created with FinePrint pdFFactory trial version http://www.
Another point to emerge from the fineprint of the contract agreed on Friday is that the chief executive of Go Racing-currently Christopher Stoddart-will take up a similar position with the joint venture, in which the BHB and Go Racing will split ownership, costs and revenues equally.
FinePrint 2000 is a Windows printer driver that captures printer output and provides additional formatting and control options along with the ability to transfer printed output to the clipboard.
Accept the deal and let him live, or fight on at the expense of more lives simply to comply with the fineprint in a treaty?
A proposal to make councils and businesses contribute to the pounds 17 billion first phase of the High Speed Two line between London and Birmingham are in the fineprint of a public consultation document being published by the government.
The Spartanics-Systec Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Lines are able to handle any preprinted material from any printing process, and feature automatic compensation for screen stretch or shrink.
For further information on FinePrint print management software and pdfFactory pdf creation software, visit software-partners.
has released FinePrint Enterprise Edition, a network extension for the award-winning FinePrint software.
FinePrint Software, LLC for Best Use of Technology on a Remote
The proposal to force councils and businesses to contribute to the pounds 17bn first phase of High Speed Two between London and Birmingham are in the fineprint of a public consultation document published by the government on Monday.
Spartanics-Systec has released the Spartanics Fineprint Cylinder Screen Printing Line, a cylinder-configured screen printing system.