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Nash may be most famous for his role in the music group Crosby Stills & Nash, but he is also well known for his fine-art photography.
Using image management software written by Nash and Holbert, a hand-built scanner, and an IRIS Graphics 3074 printer, they developed methods to adapt the printer's output to the fine-art printing of black-and-white photographs on archival paper substrates.
To surrender the protection and distance of fine-art sophistication, to go head-to-head with the best of vernacular artistry on it own terms, represents the second and riskier demand for expertise.
Its dominant figures distributed their expertise away from fine-art competencies toward mastery of the source.
Into this setting comes the VisionArt fine-art television concealment system:
Zamage will offer museum-grade, fine-art giclee prints of artwork created by Ms.
amp;uot;One of the biggest obstacles in the fine-arts markets is that many of the inks do not provide the longevity, durability and fade resistance necessary for the reproduction of fine-art photography,&uot; said Joshua Greene.
Formed in 1993 by a group of experienced and celebrated offers hand-written original lyrics of many of the world's greatest songs as limited-edition, fine-art qualing Artist Editions (lyrics written by the artist's own hand, and signed, numbered and often enhanced with additional illustrations, drawings or notations by the songwriter) and Signature Editions (high-quality reproductions of the handwrable book, e-mail gifts (with a sound bite), and various promotion tie-ins with the floral industry.
This HP-commissioned report is significant for digital-photography and fine-art industry customers such as professional photographers and museums, which require prints that demonstrate longevity and fade-resistance.