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Creative Writer is a full-featured creative writing and desktop publishing program, and Fine Artist is a full-featured multimedia drawing and painting program.
He was also a member of the Fine Arts Syndicate in Syria since 1972, a member of the Arab Fine Artists Union since 1974, and a founding member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society.
Leading Arab woman fine artist Nawal Al-Ajmi has impressed visitors with her unique pictorial representation of the poetry of famous Saudi poet Ibrahim Abdullah Aljuraifani.
CROATIA-BORN fine artist and sculptor Jagoda Donovan is displaying her work as part of an Easter Show which opens today at a gallery in Milford Haven.
From emotionally-driven artistic productions exploring facades and cross-cultural experiences to ways artists grow, change tone and style, and develop revolutionary approaches, ART REVOLUTION is for any practicing fine artist or illustrator and is a top pick for any arts or crafts collection.
It is rare that a fine artist is also a fine art critic.
The well-crafted illustrations are by an award-winning fine artist.
The lecture, by fine artist Prof Gerda Roper, will be at Teesside University at 6.
His work unfolds in layers; he is the graphic mastermind behind Satori Movement wheels and Yellow Brand skateboards and is also an accomplished fine artist.
I turned around, and there was nobody there," says color pencil fine artist Elizabeth Patterson.
The wonderfully eccentric Archer, now a jewelry designer in San Francisco, brought the finesse of a fine artist to her dancing.
Manama, May 24 (BNA): Bahraini fine artist Abdulaziz Al-Zubari passed away yesterday (Saturday), leaving a prolific legacy which will survive him.
The exhibition, which is supervised by Yousef al-Nahwi, Fine Artist is considered the biggest event by the committee in this semester and includes 36 oil portrait.
Owen York is a Nashville fine artist who believes these tools are of great importance to artists and wants to help others improve their lives.
I'm so glad this fine artist has had the chance to exhibit his work and that shouldn't be the end of it.