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a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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On that remand, the Tax Court held (TC Memo 2007-21) that this review did not preclude determinations that the STJ made "manifestly unreasonable" findings of fact, in which case the court could make countervailing or additional findings of fact if they were directly supported by the case record.
Abram might have been better served if he had not agreed to accept the findings of fact made by the Department and adopted by the Board Had he challenged the constitutionality of the law upon which the Department and Board relied, he might have succeeded in convincing a court it was unconstitutional
Second, the statute requires the judge to make findings of fact.
But inexplicably, after the trial she has now, after several years on her docket, found that her court lacked jurisdiction to enter a default judgment, despite her making very strong findings of fact showing the barbaric sub-human brutality of the defendants.
Sandoz, issued on January 20, the Supreme Court considered to what extent the appeals court has leeway to second-guess findings of fact related to patent claim construction by district court judges.
But when we talked to him in September, he said he was surprised the IRS appealed the case "because the court's findings of fact were very strong and clear.
57(1)(Z) left us to ponder the meaning of "competent, substantial evidence" when it came to rejecting findings of fact, the statute leaves us to ponder the meaning of "substantive jurisdiction" when it comes to rejecting conclusions of law.
The interviews [with IRS personnel] showed that many disputes over facts are really disagreements about which facts are relevant, rather than which facts actually occurred, or about ultimate findings of fact.
The Board makes the final findings of fact, conclusions of law, and determination whether to issue an order of prohibition in the case of prohibition orders sought by the OCC.
Although Lord Butler says he finds no evidence of deliberate embellishment or misleading, many of his findings of fact do exactly that.
The court held that the district court was required to make findings of fact about which, if any, of the named officers pressed the prisoner's face up against cell bars, whether the prisoner was really beaten upon his arrival at the cell, and if the beating occurred, which of the named officers was involved or present.
On October 26, 2001, the hearing officer issued his findings of fact conclusions of law and a proposed order.
Because of the overwhelming volume of letters Computer Technology Review received in response to Josh Piven's article on the Department of Justice's findings of fact against Microsoft Corporation ("It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over.
A draft environmental white paper report was prepared by DKA and contains a summary of findings of fact, conclusions and recommendations for mitigating any asbestos or other health, safety, or environmental risks associated with the proposed tear-off shingles recycling demonstration.
The majority's conclusions relied heavily on findings of fact made by the federal district court, which in turn gave undue weight to the assertions of Carhart.