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a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide

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A spokeswoman said: "The inquiry will seek evidence and submissions from all relevant parties, and will make findings of fact where appropriate.
In its 7-2 opinion authored by Justice Breyer, the Court overturned 20 years of practice and said that with regard to findings of fact related to patent claim construction, the appeals court must defer to the federal district judge and cannot overturn a finding unless there is evidence of clear error.
Nevertheless, to varying degrees, the findings of fact and conclusions of law reached by the ALJ and agency may be subject to appellate review and reversal.
On that remand, the Tax Court held (TC Memo 2007-21) that this review did not preclude determinations that the STJ made "manifestly unreasonable" findings of fact, in which case the court could make countervailing or additional findings of fact if they were directly supported by the case record.
Abram might have been better served if he had not agreed to accept the findings of fact made by the Department and adopted by the Board Had he challenged the constitutionality of the law upon which the Department and Board relied, he might have succeeded in convincing a court it was unconstitutional
Second, the statute requires the judge to make findings of fact.
She stated that the purpose of a trial is to bring facts to light and enable the trial judge to make findings of fact and conclusions of law, and she ruled that the plaintiffs' suit should not be struck out for procedural reasons.
Although Lord Butler says he finds no evidence of deliberate embellishment or misleading, many of his findings of fact do exactly that.
The court held that the district court was required to make findings of fact about which, if any, of the named officers pressed the prisoner's face up against cell bars, whether the prisoner was really beaten upon his arrival at the cell, and if the beating occurred, which of the named officers was involved or present.
On October 26, 2001, the hearing officer issued his findings of fact conclusions of law and a proposed order.
A draft environmental white paper report was prepared by DKA and contains a summary of findings of fact, conclusions and recommendations for mitigating any asbestos or other health, safety, or environmental risks associated with the proposed tear-off shingles recycling demonstration.
He said the court in its final judgement not only gave rulings on the law, but also made fresh findings of fact - something it had no power to do.
The majority's conclusions relied heavily on findings of fact made by the federal district court, which in turn gave undue weight to the assertions of Carhart.
5 Million Children of Iraq demand that the United Nations and its organs immediately undertake a full investigation of the matters presented in this Indictment, Complaint and Petition, and subsequently authorize a complete and public disclosure of all evidence and findings of fact at the conclusion of such investigation.
3) I also accept essentially all other facts describing Microsoft's behavior presented in the court's Findings of Fact, but not all the economic implications drawn by the court from these facts.