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Synonyms for finder

someone who comes upon something after searching

someone who is the first to observe something

optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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If Finders Keepers touches on the themes of Misery (the reader-writer relationship and problems therein), that's mostly a good thing.
Dan Channer, managing director of Finders Keepers comments, "As ever, the true problem is not the fees or tenancy duration but the lack of supply for tenants 'forced into' the private rental sector.
Both genres have been explored in recent Finders Keepers compilations but the special thing about this record is that it showcases the young Chitra working in a range seldom heard in western music alongside a truly schizophrenic arrangement that is closer to an Indian Stereolab than a Shankar raga.
The bubbly 18 year-old from Oswestry copied the words of her favourite pop song, Finders Keepers, on to her Bebo page before she and her mother Susan, 56, were murdered early on Friday morning.
Debut album, Take Off Your Colours, released in 2008, included hit singles Save It For The Bedroom, Finders Keepers and Kiss and Tell.
Level 3 readers ages 6-9 who can read alone will relish Dori Chaconas' CORK & FUZZ: FINDERS KEEPERS (9780670011131, $13.
A HUGE cargo ship anchored off Cardigan Bay caused waves of excitement yesterday among locals who thought it had run aground like the stricken Napoli, whose fate off south-west England sparked off a looting spree and national debate over finders keepers attitudes to wreckage.
FINDERS keepers, losers weepers, goes the old saying - one that is also apt for the second-hand car market.
With up-and-coming labels like Finders Keepers, Cameo, The Fifth and For Love and Lemons, combined with Antipodean favourites such as One Teaspoon and Minkpink, the site creates a UK home for international brands.
The fashion forward store is introducing eight new brands this season - Superdry, Etre Cecile, Finders Keepers, Needle & Thread, Five Units, McQ, Rag & Bone and Clover Canyon.
FINDERS KEEPERS Four-year-old Brooke Coyle, from Forest Hall, with brother Charlie, five, and Rowan Walsh, eight, looking forward to the Chesters Fort Egg Hunt on the Roman Wall, near Chollerford.
Convincing herself it's finders keepers, Poppy decides to keep the phone and use it as a temporary contact number so the hotel staff can get in touch with her when they find the ring.