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Synonyms for financing

Synonyms for financing

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for financing

the act of financing


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Advice and assistance in detailing new work processes including roles and responsibilities, especially related to the financing activities, but also other services.
In a press statement issued by the ministry, Deputy Minister of Finance for TreasuryMohammed Maaitsaid that this is the first time the ministry has issued a decree allowing factoring activity within financing activities.
The bank's Islamic finance arm QNB Al Islami reported a 203 per cent increase in financing activities to reach QAR 23.
The favorable presumption for significant financing activities applies only to related IES, not to unrelated IE's.
QNB Al Islami also succeeded in achieving excellent results during the three months of 2009, with financing activities increasing by 42 per cent to reach QAR 7.