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Synonyms for financier

Synonyms for financier

one who is occupied with or expert in large-scale financial affairs

Synonyms for financier

a person skilled in large scale financial transactions

conduct financial operations, often in an unethical manner

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Not of two thousand pounds," said the financier, with an abrupt and terrible composure, "only of a small bottle.
Monsieur," said the financier, drawing himself up, "my zeal for the king's service inspired me with the idea.
I, who do not pretend to be a financier, saw only one idea in your idea.
At that time I used to know a podgy, wealthy, bald little man having chambers in the Albany; a financier too, in his way, carrying out transactions of an intimate nature and of no moral character; mostly with young men of birth and expectations--though I dare say he didn't withhold his ministrations from elderly plebeians either.
I don't know at what hour my private financier began his day, but he used to give one appointments at unheard of times: such as a quarter to eight in the morning, for instance.
Blount, was lifting his loud voice in applause, and the astonished financier his (in some considerable deprecation), when a knock sounded at the double front doors.
It wouldn't matter so much if he were our friend, or if he were simply a financier, but to tell you the truth, we have cause to suspect him.
And Rebecca told Miss Briggs, whose Christmas dividend upon the little sum lent by her Becky paid with an air of candid joy, and as if her exchequer was brimming over with gold--Rebecca, we say, told Miss Briggs, in strict confidence that she had conferred with Sir Pitt, who was famous as a financier, on Briggs's special behalf, as to the most profitable investment of Miss B.
Experience had taught him that none of the arguments which seemed so conclusive to him--to wit, that the financier had on two occasions only just escaped imprisonment for fraud, and, what was worse, made a noise when he drank soup, like water running out of a bathtub--had the least effect upon her.
Roger's propsective financiers had stated at trial that they had the ability to put up most of the money for the purchase of the property to comply with the all-cash option.
So did the LBO financiers, who bought established companies and replaced their management.
Morgan was convinced that "the country's economic welfare was in the hands of his own generations leading financiers, and that he had a mandate to consolidate control of its industrial and capital resources.
The selected modules will carry various data on: current news, research references, financiers, operational reports, credit risk, performance indicators, historical statistics, advisories, trendings, social news, and much more.
Since the beginning of 2007, all of Marina West's potential financiers made the same decision.
The CPI Financial Islamic Banking and Finance Awards celebrate the achievements of top Islamic bankers, financiers and Islamic finance and banking institutions.