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These available funds, coupled with the company's growing ability to generate free cash flow from operations, reinforce Gamesa's long-term financial structure.
Key words: financial structure, optimisation criteria, cost minimisation, earnings maximisation
The observers added that this is the first time for Fubon to float GDR to reinforce its financial structure, and without successfully acquiring Nan Shan, it still can use the funds to buy financial institutions in China.
The connection between financial structure, the level of financial development, and economic growth has been a topic of analysis for decades.
Wayne Passmore was promoted to deputy associate director of the Financial Studies and the Financial Structure sections.
A company can shift its strategic goals--sometimes dramatically--completely altering its capital requirements and financial structure.
The first part of the book updates Goldsmith's documentation of the evolution of financial structure during the process of economic growth.
But, the fare can change in case of changes in the project's plan or financial structure and delay in concluding the project.
Mexico, which had been hobbled for a number of years after the debt crisis of 1982, has more recently gone through a major economic metamorphosis toward significant improvement in its economic and financial structure.
The FHLB is pleased to honor Bowling Green's Eastern Heights Duplex Community as a model program for its innovative financial structure and broad partnership involvement, ideal for replication in rural and small city areas," said Thiemann.
A NUMBER OF OBSERVERS HAVE pretty well written down or off the future role that thrifts will play in the financial structure of the United States.
to advise the Company regarding its operations and to assist in developing a new financial structure for the Company that will re-focus the Company on long-term growth initiatives.
12] The negotiation of compensation for the removal of various restrictions on intersectoral competition has added significantly to the difficulties of reforming the Japanese financial structure.
Some of the issues that he believes to be important are the company's business, its competition, financial structure and management.
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