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Synonyms for security

Synonyms for security

the quality or state of being safe

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

something given to guarantee the repayment of a loan or the fulfillment of an obligation

Synonyms for security

the state of being free from danger or injury

defense against financial failure

freedom from anxiety or fear

property that your creditor can claim in case you default on your obligation

a department responsible for the security of the institution's property and workers

a guarantee that an obligation will be met

an electrical device that sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in

measures taken as a precaution against theft or espionage or sabotage etc.

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Since 2007, the COUNTRY Financial Security Index has measured Americans' sentiments of their personal financial security.
Financial security will have to apply to the period for which the contract.
About Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual has been helping families and businesses achieve financial security for nearly 160 years.
Those nearing retirement (ages 50-64) are more pessimistic about their financial security.
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (MI), $6,800,000 general obligation refunding bonds, series 2006 (insured: Financial Security Assurance Inc.
Gen Y Sentiments Fall Far Compared to other age groups whose sentiments remained relatively stable this month, financial security confidence among 18 to 29 year olds fell significantly.
Further, one in five (20 percent) feel their level of financial security is improving, up two points to the highest level ever.
Confidence decreased in nearly all aspects of financial security this month, especially in long-term financial obligations.
The nationwide program, sponsored by the Principal Financial Group, recognizes growing companies (between five and 1,000 employees) that excel at contributing to their employees' long-term financial security, particularly through employee benefits programs.
Confidence in retirement savings and overall financial security both dropped one point to 57 and 41 percent, respectively.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings affirms the 'AAA' insurer financial strength (IFS) rating of Financial Security Assurance Inc.
COUNTRY Financial Security Index: Surge in Savings Boosts Confidence
Duluth (MN), $1,705,000 GO storm water utlities revenue bonds series 2006B (insured: Financial Security Assurance Inc.
COUNTRY Financial Security Index up after hitting all-time low in August
The result left a significant impression on Americans' financial security sentiments.
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