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wealth available for investment in new or speculative enterprises

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Wolters Kluwer Financial Services announced on Tuesday that its Financial Risk Management solution has been selected by the Pictet Group, a Switzerland-based independent wealth and asset manager for operations at its head office in Geneva.
16 October 2013 - According to a recent study from Pennsylvania USA-based Chatham Financial that analyzes the financial risk management practices of 1,075 publicly listed corporations in the US more than 75% of mid- to-large-sized companies have exposure to foreign currency risk yet just over half are actively managing this risk through hedging.
Based on national cultural differences, it was hypothesized that clients in Kuwait would have a lower financial risk tolerance than the clients in the other countries sampled.
Her book isn't intended to be a technical treatise; rather, it's a high-level overview of the various financial risk areas designed to provide a fundamental framework of understanding.
The deep experience of treasurers in managing financial risks such as transactional, interest rate, counterparty and insurance makes their leadership crucial.
The CRO must become familiar with a full scope of financial risk management tools.
HMOs selling health plans - not physicians - must bear the full financial risk and stop placing doctors on fixed incomes for treating their patients.
Under the prudent purchasing model, the health plan shoulders the financial risk for the insured's illness in return for an annual premium and then procures needed health services prudently from a selected set of providers, largely on a fee-for-service basis.
Perhaps in recognition of this concern, some observers have begun to steer the public discussion of derivatives to broader issues of how entities manage financial risks.
Who: Dimitris Papathanasiou, CFA, financial risk manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic, and Jacqui Drew, Senior Solutions Consultant at Reval.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 17, 2013--Chatham Financial study looks at financial risk management(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The ratings continue to reflect the company's strong financial risk profile, marked by low gearing and healthy debt protection measures; and its healthy operating efficiencies, leading to stable revenues and profitability.
But Pitofsky said the government also should consider the possibility that a network of doctors might improve the quality of care or help control costs, even if the doctors do not share the financial risk by accepting a flat payment for each subscriber.
Shifting of legal responsibility and liability invariably accompanies financial risk shifting, and physicians taking such risk through capitation or otherwise have many of the same legal concerns that managed care organizations have faced.
Now, in Financial Risk Management, author Allan Malz addresses the essential issues surrounding this discipline, sharing his extensive career experiences as a risk researcher, risk manager, and central banker.
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