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The statement also introduced the governmental financial reporting pyramid, which defines the reports that must be issued by a government as a part of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) (see Figure 3).
The most recent audit letter, to be included in the city's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY 1999, has been submitted to the Government Finance Officers Association for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award and California Society of Municipal Finance Officers for the Outstanding Financial Reporting Award.
The TLC Vision Corporation Financial Report therefore delivers the latest and the most comprehensive intelligence available on TLC Vision Corporations financial performance.
The Transcat Inc Financial Report therefore delivers the latest and the most comprehensive intelligence available on Transcat Inc's financial performance.
companies listed on Nasdaq and 16 percent listed on the New York Stock Exchange have no research coverage, according to a Thomson Financial report.
The Vital Signs Inc Financial Report therefore delivers the latest and the most comprehensive intelligence available on Vital Signs Incs financial performance.
FRx Report Manager lets users create a single comprehensive financial report book by allowing them to pull in FRx reports, Microsoft Office documents (including Excel sheets and charts, Word documents and PowerPoint slides), in addition to Crystal Reports output, general ledger (GL) report-writer output and other files.
and other technology companies, will use XBRL and other tools to modernize and streamline federal bank regulators' collection, processing and distribution of banks' quarterly financial reports.
Gotbaum, in a subsequent interview with the JofA, said federal agencies face two major new challenges: to use accounts that didn't exist before the creation of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) in 1990 and to install systems that track the new accounts and turn out accurate financial reports.
xls, remember that it will be the first file users see when they want a financial report.
The McKesson Corporation Financial Report contains the company's contact information, details, business overview, shares information, stock performance history, price and volume figures, dividends, market related data including relative strength, valuation and revenues.
HTML is searchable, but, when printing a financial report, you can't always tell whether you've got the whole thing.
com/reports/c37969) has announced the addition of Wyeth - Financial Report to their offering.
com/reports/c37920) has announced the addition of West Pharmaceuticals Services Inc - Financial Report to their offering.
The FASAB believes a general purpose federal financial report would not be complete without some type of accountability reporting for resources and responsibilities that cannot be presented meaningfully in traditional financial statements.
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