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any accounting period of 12 months

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It was bad news across the board for the major server vendors in their most recent financial quarters.
Financial statements for the second financial quarter of 2011 are not yet finalised.
The scheme will complete the redevelopment of Edmund Street, which is a vital stretch of Birmingham's booming financial quarter, situated parallel to Colmore Row.
Indirectly about 1,200 jobs - including a full-time park keeper - have been created as a result of its refurbishment and since the plans were approved in 1999, the city's financial quarter has become one of the most sought after business addresses outside London.
Microsoft was able to sustain much of its traditional momentum in its third financial quarter ending 31 March, recording an increase in revenues of 13% to $7.
According to recently released information from PC Data, Symantec sold 195,306 units of the Norton AntiVirus product line during the most recent financial quarter, while the number two vendor followed with sales of 155,423 units of their comparable product line.
Mr Patel said: 'It is well documented that if you look at the financial quarter in Birmingham it is incredibly busy during the day in the week and then you have this large exodus of people who go back to the suburbs or Solihull, or wherever they live.
The travails of e-procurement and supply chain software vendors deepened during the latest financial quarter.
The announcement comes on the heels of a record financial quarter for the company, with a 51 percent increase in customers, including Citrix Online, BrassRing and HouseValues, among others.
The company also announces that management is projecting earnings per share for its third financial quarter ended March 31, 1995 or $0.
and Asian operations, CirTran Corporation (OTCBB:CIRT) said today that it expects to report its sixth consecutive quarter of record sales -- and projects its second straight profitable quarter -- when it files its 10-Q with the SEC for the third financial quarter ended September 30, 2005.
Birmingham's financial quarter has been growing rapidly in recent years and took some of the bigger deals from London.
We are beginning to capture contracts that were deferred from the last financial quarter," said Chairman and CEO Dennis Vohs of Ross Systems.
In addition, these and other factors may cause financials results to fluctuate from one financial quarter to another.
NEWTON, Iowa, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Maytag (NYSE: MYG) has just completed its strongest financial quarter in nearly four years and the corporation expects 1994 to be its best earnings year since 1989, Leonard A.
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