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a government policy for maintaining economic growth and tax revenues

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Performance measures in particular clarify meaning and remove ambiguity from financial policies.
Topics include internal financial statement formats, a new chart of accounts, a sample accounting and financial policies and procedures manual, a glossary, and a full index.
Fiscal 2005 results show the city to be out of compliance with its financial policies, as transfers out of the gas and water utility funds resulted in a decrease in net assets, and operating transfers made to the general fund exceeded 10% of each utility fund's budget.
The new financial policies enjoy broad support among regional borrowing countries and further solidify the bank's relationships with nonregional member countries.
4% annually since 1999 and underpinned by management's sound financial policies and conservative budgeting, allowed the city to build adequate financial reserves.
Fitch expects to change the credit trend to stable from declining following the adoption by the Bank's directors of a range of new financial policies.
While News Corp's financial profile currently remains strong for the rating, Fitch believes that management's financial policies will remain consistent with a 'BBB' rating over the intermediate to long term.
Financial policies include maintenance of a cash reserve, frequent reforecasting, which allows prompt reaction to changing conditions, the implementation of mandatory spending growth limits for fast growing programs and reforms in the budgetary process for both operations and the capital program.
The ratings incorporate ITT's well-established market presence in its core product lines, solid operating performance, conservative financial policies, and anticipated benefits from ongoing efforts to streamline the company's business portfolio.
O'Keefe joined Genelabs Technologies in January 1990, where she had responsibility for planning and implementing financial policies and procedures in the areas of financial management, funding, control, planning and analysis and investor relations.
Isozaki will be responsible for TFC's financial reporting and directing TFC's overall financial policies, procedures in addition to overseeing the accounting function.
S&P went on to say, "The regulatory scrutiny to which OCC is subject helps insure that the prudent financial policies on which the organization's triple- A' rating is based will continue in force as the options markets evolve in the future.
The city's five-year forecast anticipates continued increases in reserve levels and the recent adoption of financial policies and controls which should guide financial performance.
NYSE: EFX) today announced that its board of directors approved broad changes in its financial policies and at the same time authorized a self-tender offer to repurchase up to 10.
The resolution of Fitch's Rating Watch will be determined by an evaluation of the company's strategic alternatives and ultimate transactions, as well as the impact on bondholder protection measures and overall financial policies.
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