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EPN's OFAC Screening provides a cost-effective solution for financial institutions of all sizes to manage their cross-border ACH traffic," said Rossana Salaris, senior vice president of The Clearing House, responsible for EPN.
To address these concerns, the proposed guidance: (1) seeks to ensure that financial institutions adopt adequate policies and procedures to address the credit, operational, and other risks associated with overdraft protection services; (2) alerts institutions offering these services to the need to comply with all applicable federal and state laws; and (3) sets forth examples of best practices that are currently observed in, or recommended by, the industry.
the leadership position of noninsurer financial institutions in e-commerce distribution of financial products; and
The Identrus trust framework removes that barrier and enables financial institutions to become trusted intermediaries for e-commerce.
Passive players, such as financial institutions receiving cross-border payments and the corporate and individual beneficiaries of those payments, come under their respective national payments-system rules and don't have to overtly agree to receive cross-border payments.
Suffolk County detectives solicited input from financial institutions in the area regarding their safety and policy needs.
In 1986, Congress recognized that losses on deposits in financial institutions were different from other debts owed to taxpayers.
Bank customer, the Bank of North Dakota, is the nation's only state-owned bank, and provides check clearing services for many other financial institutions.
When financial institutions must deliver privacy and opt-out notices
Insureds have access to the services of the nation's leading defense firms specializing in technology and financial institutions litigation through the American International Cos.
The report uses self-reported data financial institutions submit to regulatory agencies.
In today's environment, financial institutions must take measures to protect their customers' financial data," said Lynn Boggs, CEO of Goldleaf Financial Solutions.
Although banks are still the largest players among financial institutions (41% of the aggregation-user respondents aggregate at banks), 33% of the respondents use portal sites not affiliated with large financial institutions.
The Federal Reserve places a very high priority on supporting efforts to attack the laundering of proceeds from illegal activities through our nation's financial institutions and, over the past several years, has engaged extensively in anti-money-laundering endeavors.
The new American Institute of CPAs standard form to confirm account balance information with financial institutions addresses only basic information about deposits and loans at a financial institution; it does not provide evidence about other matters that may require disclosure.
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