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the capital that provides income for an institution

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The overall winner in this competition will receive a financial endowment worth 30,000 for the completion of a Proof of concept (PoC).
com)-- In December 2012, Accretive Health employees founded an organization dedicated to charitable giving, with Accretive Health providing the initial financial endowment.
It was Mateschitz who envisioned the TWSA four years ago and made it all a reality with his commitment and a financial endowment that established the Taurus World Stunt Awards Foundation.
He said all innovation grant winners will get financial endowment and access to Microsoft platforms.
Campanella has served as executive vice president of Boston College since 1973, and has been widely lauded for helping to turn Boston College into a world-class university with the 35th largest financial endowment in the country.
With this prize, Orange will provide a financial endowment as well as expert-support to young companies that put forward innovative projects with a significant social impact.
In our pursuit of academic rankings and financial endowments, we forgot about love--not the second-hand emotion that Tina Turner sang about, but the "sacrificial love" that puts the needs of others before our own, with the goal of ensuring that everyone's needs are met.
Ghaznavi said that the International Advisory Council is the apex supervisory body for the KSBL, which would be concerned with strategic development and its moral, intellectual, and financial endowments.
The report concludes that social mobilisation, along with economic empowerment, should be at the heart of the rural livelihood development strategy, as the benefits of broad economic growth trickle down very slowly when the poor have little access to key physical, social, and financial endowments.
Many hospitals across the country have large and often untapped financial endowments for expansion of electronic health records (EHRs), to say nothing of strong technical support and considerable volume purchasing clout.
Magnet organizations have experienced the establishment of financial endowments based on the attraction of patients/families to the contributions of nursing and mirrored by their success in achieving Magnet Recognition.
When it comes to institutions of higher education, there's now a growing discrepancy between the bares and have nots, which translates into schools with strong financial endowments versus everyone else.
She is also an active member of the United Way Women of Tocqueville Society, a group that focuses their collective leadership capabilities, financial endowments, volunteerism and advocacy efforts to effect change in their community.
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