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Synonyms for budget

Synonyms for budget

a measurable whole

Words related to budget

a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

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The state has also retained outside expertise to help the school get its financial act together.
Anyone who is seriously committed to getting his or her financial act together can make significant strides by taking advantage of the wisdom of a financial adviser.
It's one thing to support art and music at the highest level but quite another to continually prop up an organisation which has never got its financial act together.
BIRMINGHAM is placing too much faith in the FA failing to get their financial act together for Wembley before the April deadline for a new national stadium.
45 to the Florida Bar Foundation as its closing financial act.
42 million in the preceding year due to change in its accounting period in pursuance with Financial Act, 1995.
We've developed our own administrative procedures as well as developed our own financial act, which determine the process of council in reporting back to its membership," he says.
With a bevy of British bankers at his side, Mr Clarke offered expertise in the financial act of properly packaging and selling off state-owned corporations and utilities.
If Brazil can get its financial act together, it will become very attractive as a haven for foreign investment since it would become a major recipient of foreign exchange.
IF Phil can't get his financial act together by the end of the week, the Queen Vic will have a new owner.
dollars) under the 2009 financial act to boost the purchasing power of the country's population, the official MAP news agency reported on Friday.
Why can't Worcester get its financial act together?
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