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Enloop's easy-to-navigate platform dramatically cuts the time required to develop business plans and financial forecasts.
A description of what the responsible party intends the financial forecast to present; a statement that the assumptions are based on the responsible party's judgment at the time the prospective information was prepared; and a caveat that the forecasted results may not be achieved.
In the consolidated financial forecasts, which were made public on May 15, 2007, the Company included a non cash provision for possible impairment of intangible assets of approximately US$40 million, for the 6 months ending June 30, 2007.
72, the ASB expanded the matters CPAs are permitted to address in comfort letters to include financial forecasts and compliance of certain information (such as selected financial data, supplementary financial information, executive compensation and ratios of earnings to fixed charges) with SEC regulation S-K.
Forward-looking statements should not be regarded as representations by the Company that its objectives or plans will be achieved or that any of its operating expectations or financial forecasts will be realized.
PKF's report also stressed the uncertainty of the financial forecasts in the memorandums, the difficulty of projecting profitability in a venture lacking sufficient operating history and the potentially negative effect of forces beyond the managing partner's control--such as changes in the tax law or government regulations.
Since there is no guidance in the SSARS literature about the issuance of draft financial statements, ARSC will develop an interpretation that will parallel the guidance in footnote 4 of the Guide for Prospective Financial Statements, which was prepared by the AICPA financial forecasts and projections task force and issued in 1986.
The authority's financial forecasts, which include the impact of Maersk, the initiation of the development of the CIP, and conservatively estimates the growth rate in cargo traffic to be below historical levels, shows that coverage levels (including the commonwealth transfer) will approach the 1.
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