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Since financial deregulation in the 1980s the West has seen a massive increase in the size of its financial industry at the expense of other sectors, not least manufacturing.
Although not disputing Woolley's account of presidential "persistence" and long-term influence over the development of financial regulation, Knott emphasizes that presidential support for financial deregulation reflected the effects of "political moral hazard," ideologically biased judgment, and a shortage of critical perspective on politically convenient economic analysis.
In separate regressions, we also use the date when cross-border mergers and acquisitions of banks were allowed (interstate deregulation) as the initial year of financial deregulation.
During the period of the major Swedish financial deregulation in latter part of the 1980s, behavioral researchers like Kahneman, Tversky, Thaler, and Shiller were about to publish important papers on psychological behavior, which also included or encouraged research on reactions in financial markets.
As a result of financial deregulation, the French banking system went through major transformations in the 1990s.
The Thatcher government's 'free market' policy was enhanced with the 'Big Bang' of financial deregulation and the privatisation of National Industries.
However, once conservatives are elected to office, they typically drop their focus on these cultural issues and immediately turn their attention to an economic regimen of stopping increases to the minimum wage, blocking extensions of unemployment benefits, rolling back workplace standards, endorsing financial deregulation, supporting privatization of schools, busting unions, cutting corporate taxes, and then sequestering budgets so that Head Start, food stamps, education, and Medicare can be further slashed.
The TISA will limit the ability of governments to regulate the financial services industry at exactly the time when the global economy is still recovering from a crisis caused by financial deregulation.
Ho said SinoPac Financial expects this to be favorable for revenue growth because of the sustained global economic recovery and financial deregulation at home.
Oxfam said that policies successfully imposed by the rich in recent decades include financial deregulation, tax havens and secrecy, anti-competitive business practice, lower tax rates on high incomes and investments and cuts or underinvestment in public services for the majority.
Financial deregulation enriched Wall Street, but ended up creating a global economic crisis through fraud, excessive risk-taking, incompetence and insider dealing.
Garcia, for instance, argued that the current generation is paying for the fallout of the extensive financial deregulation that Thatcher championed, epitomised by London's "Big Bang" financial reforms of 1985.
Financial deregulation, for example, tends to bring down interest rates, enabling companies to expand.
Yet the book made no mention of the Glass-Steagall Act or the other financial regulations introduced in the 1930s--this despite the fact that banks were already promoting the cause of financial deregulation at the time of the book's publication.
The government has been lowering business barriers between banks, insurers and securities companies under its ''Big Bang'' financial deregulation program that began in the second half of the 1990s.
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