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the part of a city where financial institutions are centered

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Turkey s current account deficit is rapidly decreasing and this is good news, and direct foreign investments will play an important role in increasing Istanbul s profile as a financial center .
This latest location makes StellarOne's third financial center in Charlottesville.
The 300 green financial centers will reduce energy use by at least 20 percent.
The new financial centers continue that tradition by offering business and commercial lending, mortgages, investments, trusts and insurance services under one roof.
Most of the financial centers will be located in midtown.
Offshore financial centers, such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, demonstrate the need for global law enforcement cooperation.
According to him, currently Almaty is on 13th place in the ranking of the Asian top financial centers.
It is Citibank's sixth Financial Center (or Electronic Banking Unit) in the country offering customers with a full range of banking services closer to their homes.
Customers can review banking products and services, check rates on deposits, and apply for new accounts by phone, online, or at one of the financial centers located throughout the country.
First Union piloted eight Business Financial Centers in Tampa, Fla.
WHAT: The following First Union financial centers are closed due to
First Charter operates 60 full-service financial centers, four insurance offices, and 137 ATMs in North Carolina and Georgia, and also operates loan origination offices in Asheville, North Carolina and Reston, Virginia.
With our in-store financial centers, we're making professionals accessible in a place most people visit on a regular basis.
Citibank Financial Centers, allowing the firm to better serve clients by offering the wealth management and investment expertise of Smith Barney.
The beauty of PFA Financial Centers is the accessibility to the
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