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When the fixed costs for the upstream producers are small relative to those of the downstream producers, vertically integrated firms exploit their economies of vertical scope in the production of the final good and possibly outsource part of the production of the intermediate input to specialized upstream firms.
They produce the final good by bundling all intermediate goods into a single final homogenous commodity purchased by households.
Nevertheless, and consistent with our analysis in the section 'Factors determining labour productivity in the long run', reducing mark-ups in final good production generates output effects mainly from an increase in physical capital.
i] denotes the relative prices of the i-th intermediate good and the final good.
t] - [mu], where [mu] is the desired markup on the marginal product and depends on the elasticity of substitution between different types of intermediate goods used to produce the final good.
There, because final goods firms choose their optimal output each period, the nominal price of the final good, denoted by [P.
Friends seek the same ultimate good, and see in the other a certain embodiment of goodness; sharing the same final good, they strive to help one another in pursuing it.
The Good Neighbor Offer was made by Eureka Moly as a final good faith attempt prior to the upcoming hearing to settle the water dispute with Eureka County and other appellants, concerning the Nevada State Engineer's Ruling granting the water applications to be used for the Mt Hope mine project.
This is a required procedure for the final Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification approval.
There are two countries, each producing a final good with constant-returns-to-scale technology.
Facing death, many phoned loved ones to say their final good byes.
The final good is produced according to a constant return to scale technology combining the goods, [Q.
Parent of one of the affected pupils, John Stewart, 44, of Penylan, said: "Your last day of school is supposed to be memorable, but the students have lost out on the chance to say their final good byes and to have these memories.
5) We develop a simple framework in which final good producers choose a technology from a set that features a tradeoff between costs and efficiency, and find that the optimal choice depends on the degree of contract incompleteness.
Firms in the final good sector simply rent capital and hire effective labor.