vertical stabilizer

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a stabilizer that is part of the vertical tail structure of an airplane

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Limited Tenders are invited for Rfp Invitation Of Quotations For Fin Stabilizer Spares Icgs Samar Lpc(W)/1306/Nac/Me/32 Dated 25 Apr 2015
Naiad equips its electric fin stabilizer with several vital safety features, including the capability to center the fins physically and lock in place during the rest period of the stabilizer.
The superyacht's fin stabilizers and V-Drive propulsion offers a smooth, quiet ride, while her sophisticated remote-control steering system makes docking a breeze.
bow and stern thrusters, fin stabilizers, propellers and propeller shafts, rudders, and out-of-water block marks), must not be "significantly in excess" of five percent macrofouling.
A sampling of paper topics includes anti-aliasing filter circuit design for active power filter, integrating social relations into personalized tag recommendation, the fuzzy control of fin stabilizers under the ship IPMS networks, and ultrasonic positioning in three-dimensional space.
All four main engines have arrived as well as two 100-ton fin stabilizers.
A sampling of topics: task-based automatic examination system for sequenced test, novel solar cell structure by coating surface gratings, the Web-based B2B environment with Web services, simulation and analysis of protocols in ad hoc network, research on variable fin stabilizers with double wings at zero speed, use of neural networks in damage detection of structures, feasibility and profitability of optimization by data-type specification in Ruby, reform the setting of computer hardware teaching, adjust ELF format for multi-core architecture, improving locality of BitTorrent with ISP cooperation, generation of 3D line segment based on disparity data, and design of a large aperture compact corrugated horn.