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mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey

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When mowing lawn or doing gardening, wear a filter mask.
0B controller with 32 message objects, each with its own filter mask.
On long flights, wearing an effective filter mask like 'Bugs Stoppers' for much of the flight can help reduce the risk of infection," explained Farrol Kahn, Director of the Aviation Health Institute.
Bard, A Plus International, Acme Filter Mask, AERO Pro, AlphaProTec, AMSINO, Ansell, Applied Medical Resources, BAM Corporation, BEMIS, Busse Hospital Disposables, Changzhou Holymed Products, Cobes Industries, Covidien, Crosstex, Das Medical, DeRoyal, DUKAL, Exact Medical, Haixin Green Cross Medical Products, Honeywell, Karl Storz, Medtronic, Microtek Medical, Olympus, Shanghai Dasheng, Synergy Health, Teleflex, TIDI, Vortek Surgical and Zimmer, among others.
Each bit can be set to 'filtered' or 'don't care' condition via filter mask
No one warned us that there was a potential hazard with asbestos or told us to wear a HEPA filter mask or even a simple face maslc," he says.
He donned a filter mask and entered the tank to rescue his shipmate.
Wear a filter mask when mowing the lawn or working in the garden.
SISTER ACT: Sister Emily Louise, who lives in the St Margaret House in New York's Wall Street area, wears a filter mask to protect her from particles floating in the air as she walks home with food
One way to reduce secondary transmission (outside of vaccinating the contacts of the infected person), instructs the hospital epidemiologist, is good infection controlwearing filter masks and washing hands well.