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like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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See Filosa, supra note 35, at 139-40 (noting the failure of the United States to provide a long-term reform to Social Security); see also Secunda, supra note 36, at 234-41 (same).
See Gwen Filosa, Anti-Crime Officials Discuss Rise in Violence, NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE, Nov.
Now, it's a total integrated system with compatibility with Avenger, Patriot and with THAAD [the theater high-altitude air defense system]," said Filosa.
THIRD PLACE Renew, the smart steamer by Louis Filosa from Purdue University, USA
Milford: Alicia Boulos, Nicole Butts, Matthew Cafferky, Joseph DeAngelis, Carina Filosa, Jessica Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Joseph Shea
She is, in fact, closely connected to its subject, Dido (Billanovich 135-41; Marchesi; Filosa, Tre studi 98-103, 112).
The developers definitely took everything that we said to heart, and I've even seen little pieces that I've suggested go into it," Alex Filosa, a student at Fordham University.
Gwen Filosa, Sponsor's Guilty Plea Brings Rave New World, TIMES-PICAYUNE, Jun.
Third place: Renew, the smart steamer by Louis Filosa from Purdue University, USA
Milford: Matthew Cafferky, Carina Filosa, Jessica Griswold, Joseph Shea
Anthony Filosa and Richard Martin make apple-orange comparisons re Israel's return of Gaza versus the U.
Vivian Filosa, former CEO of Jennings, will be joining GranCare as executive director, Home Care Operations Indiana.
The 100th franchise was purchased by Ken Filosa of Hartford, Conn.
Angelo Filosa, President of Hazeltine, said, "The international IFF system modernization market is increasing for both U.
Willie" Filosa, 91, the events of 70 years ago today are still crystal clear.