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By licensing classic and contemporary movies, specials and series from the libraries of established distributors, as well as introducing original series, miniseries and films by top Horror filmmakers, The Horror Channel has become the network of choice for Horror fans, filmmakers, authors and actors.
Judging by the description of Jay Rosenblatt's I Used To Be a Filmmaker in the program notes, it could have been a sappy ode to his baby girl, Ella, but it turned out to be a funny play on the technical side of filmmaking as told through images of the filmmaker raising baby.
Our statement says that there are ``legitimate issues concerning the responsibilities of filmmakers and our industry to society.
Eyetronics president Dirk Callaerts and vice president Nick Tesi will discuss the role of full body and facial capture scans and how the process enables filmmakers to deliver extraordinary 3D images for enhanced storytelling in the digital age.
There were more films by Aboriginal, Latin and South Asian filmmakers this year, alleviating criticism that the festival is skewed toward black filmmakers.
Words like brilliant, genius, legendary are the usual adjectives bandied about to describe the filmmaker, whose final film, ``Eyes Wide Shut,'' is being released Friday.
The promotion and support of up-and-coming filmmakers and their projects is a priority of IWC Schaffhausen.
Japanese filmmaker Naomi Kawase (Suzaku, Still The Water, An) and Argentinian filmmaker Lucrecia Martel (La Cienaga, The Headless Woman) are the first filmmakers confirmed as the Masters for the festival.
The new partnership between Aflamnah and YallaTV will provide Arab filmmakers with more online tools and resources to find financial supporters and reach audiences.
Filmmakers Marty Shea and Ian Bonner thought of a new way to help independent filmmakers support each other: by making a film together.
The call for entries for filmmakers to join the Abu Dhabi delegation is open to all emerging and professional Emirati Directors and Producers.
A: Filmmakers do not want to go out with an NC-17 rating.
We are incredibly excited for her,'' said Miles Beckett, a 28-year-old from Woodland Hills who was one of three aspiring filmmakers who made Rose the unlikely star.
IN THE FALL OF 2005 the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York mounted three remarkable retrospectives of avant-garde filmmakers of the same artistic generation: All three--Robert Beavers, Owen Land (born George Landow), and Morgan Fisher--began making films in the 1960s, and all three won considerable recognition while still quite young (Beavers and Land were teenagers when they screened their first films; Fisher was in his midtwenties).
The festival announced a major new award, the Grant McLean Memorial Award for Emerging Filmmakers, which will be presented for the first time next year.