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One day we got caught and I told the official that in the future I would be sitting at the first row of the film theatre.
Yesterday's change of heart followed a plea from the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) to allow a special screening for the film under the 15-certificate given by the British Board of Film Classification.
This empowering event will include an afterglow reception and book signing at the Detroit Film Theatre.
The club held a gala premiere at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Friday night, attended by Jinky's family, friends, former teammates and Parkhead chief executive Peter Lawwell.
The public outreach suite will have its own exhibition hall, virtual reality centre, film theatre, programme and function rooms, and event organiser's office.
Mayoral Film Theatre and Broadcasting chief Katharine Oliver is reported to have told the team Gabriel would be their No1 new boy, along with Reservoir Dogs star Harvey Keitel.
There have been other tributes to MacMillan in London--the National Film Theatre screened some of his works; the Theatre Museum staged an exhibition titled "Kenneth MacMillan--The Outsider," which embraced the choreographer's dance and theatrical genius; while the Royal Opera House concentrated on the rise of MacMillan from a reluctant dancer to choreographer through an exhibit of costumes, photos, and designs.
A two-month-long film festival featuring the work of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa has opened in London to mark the 50th anniversary of the National Film Theatre.
The former Middle East correspondent was pounced on as he made his way back to his Camberwell home alone after attending the Rory Peck Awards for freelance television cameramen at the National Film Theatre early this morning.
Wednesday, September 26: Ghostworld, UGC Renfrew Street, Glasgow; Thursday, September 27, Enigma, Glasgow Film Theatre, 6.
For those seeking less mainstream fare, the film theatre at the Warwick Arts Centre on the University of Warwick campus shows an interesting selection of independent and European movies.
The existing auditorium was equipped with a state-of-the-art projection booth and when the Science Centre opened in the autumn of 1969, the first Ontario Film Theatre program was screened.
One week later, the gushing continued at a private screening I attended at the National Film Theatre.
Herbert Construction (UK) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York-based Herbert Construction Company, reports that two of its most visible London projects - one at Heathrow Airport and the other at the National Film Theatre - are both on schedule and expected to be completed before the end of the summer.
Yet the film theatre also created what she calls an "alternative civic sphere" that provided a challenge to the world view advanced in the "classic American cinema.