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In the dream sequence she boarded a bus only to be mistaken for the mad bomber in the film Speed, and dumped in the middle of nowhere.
WHO: Vehicular stars of two of Summer 2008's most-anticipated films: -- The Mach 5 from the upcoming film Speed Racer -- Batman's All New Bat Vehicle from the upcoming film The Dark Knight WHAT: Warner Bros.
Mirror photographer Alisdair MacDonald used a Nikon digital camera with the lens aperture set at F2 and a film speed of 400ASA.
The crew shot the cascading salt with extremely fast cameras, running at 96 or 120 frames per second, four or five times the normal film speed.
Sandra, who won international stardom alongside Keanu Reeves for the 1994 film Speed, was quizzed about the terrifying incident by police officers.
Michael Rayner, who is on trial for allegedly "thundering" dangerously down the M1 for 20 miles, said there was no question of him deliberately re-enacting the Hollywood blockbuster film Speed.
The slower film speed and finer grain of the media result in higher resolutions than other similar digital output devices.
Other Features -- Real-image zoom viewfinder -- Electronic self timer with 12-second delay -- ISO 50 - 3200 auto film speed setting -- Date/time imprinting -- MSRP: $150.
The ordeal - which bears frightening similarities to the film Speed - began when the driver found he could not slow down as he drove south along the M1.
The star of high-speed thriller film Speed was taken to the Queen of Angels Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital after the accident late on Monday night.
Other Features -- Quartz Date function for automatic date/time imprinting on each frame; features Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, Day/Month/Year, Day/Hour/Minute and Off settings (Quartzdate Model Only) -- ISO 100-400 auto film speed setting -- MSRP: Trip AF 50 $60.
Sandra shot to fame in the action film Speed and now leaves Julia Roberts, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep trailing as the star movie makers most want in their films.
Using this method, still pictures of puppets were shot frame-by-frame and played at film speed to produce fascinating, unique characters that moved smoothly and naturally on screen.