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He decided to put his weight behind a low-budget film short, Sonny's Pride, set in a pub and produced by fledgling Scots company Southside Films.
The one-minute film short series is the result of a collaboration between NBC and Liberty Mutual, which is sponsoring the vignettes as part of its Responsibility Project, an initiative focused on sparking conversations about the meaning of personal responsibility using unique and entertaining content.
There will also be a 20-minute silent film short, Laurel & Hardy's "Big Business.
Film Short screenings will include directors/creators such as Rutger Hauer, James Cromwell, Jason Taylor, Mark Magedson, George Langworthy and many more established and up and coming filmmakers.
Documentary film short The Tachbrook Times was made by Leamington-based theatre, film and education company Heartbreak Productions and details the history of Bishops Tachbrook village from Anglo Saxon times onwards.
Screenwriter Ron Nyswaner co-wrote a 2009 film short, also called Predisposed, on which this feature is based and in which Leo also appeared.
Soaking in the collective wisdom was a group of 10 young women, ages 15 to 20, from around the country who joined together to make a public service announcement (PSA) and film short.
But fans of the film Short Circuit might imagine a rogue cone, who just wants to live a simple life, making a desperate break for it up the A5.
They have got just 12 days to each make a 10-minute film short, along with three other Estonian film-makers, for a gala competition to be staged in Newcastle later this month.
The title Menace II Society misleadingly conjures expectations of a film short on complexity and long on violence.
An incredible time-elapsed film short has been produced showing George creating the one-of-a-kind Obama sketch.
The ex-vaudevillians who created a slapstick legacy are still popular more than 70 years after their first film short, ``Woman Haters.
The festival includes workshops and a screening at the Tyneside Cinema of Robert Altman's film Short Cuts, inspired by the fiction of Carver.
BRIEF ENC Main film short at 5 minutes BRIEF ENCOUNTER: Main film sells you short at 54 minutes