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a script for a film including dialogue and descriptions of characters and sets

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But there's been no chance of working together since, so Billy is writing a film script for himself and Dame Judi.
It's no mean feat to recycle your own film script into a stage smash.
The widow of John Prebble (a Scottish historian who hit the commercial jackpot by writing the film script of Zulu) has not altered one jot in the 37 years I have known her.
A film script by a first-time British writer has been snapped up by the studio that made The Lord of the Rings and is being rushed into production.
Film Script ended the Oaks claims of her rivals in the Victor Chandler Oaks Trial on Saturday, and gave the Queen the first leg of a double-completed by Spinning Top-in the process, writes Bruce Jackson.
A MULTIPLE sclerosis sufferer who uses cannabis to ease his symptoms has written a film script based on his experiences.
FORMER OTT heart-throb Keith Cox, who was fired from the top Irish group, is busy writing a film script on the Aran Islands.
Near the end, just when you think it couldn't get any worse, the film loses what little sense of humor it possessed, but there is at least one unintentionally amusing joke - the idea that a theatrical film script based on this story could sell for $2 million.
The Essex girl with more front than Southend dines out with movie director Michael Winner and tries to arouse his interest in a film script she has written.
I was working on a turn-of-the-century film script and doing research,'' said Hoppe, who lives in Santa Monica.
James, out of action for over a year with a major knee injury, said: "It's awful to be out for so long, but this was like a film script.
John Irving's first film script, Miramax Films' "The Cider House Rules," won top grades from CinemaScore audiences, who gave it an "A" overall.
Media Arts is a US based film and soundtrack company specialising in of films, film soundtracks and film script development.
A primary objective of the Resident Programme is to ensure that a director leaves with a fully developed first feature film script.