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projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures

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How Sage Gateshead will look with a large-scale film projection on to its side at the Great North Run Million event
The new equipment is needed to replace traditional 35mm film projection as distributors are withdrawing this format.
Guests Are Invited to Watch a Film Projection and inspect planes and Helicopters 10:00 Sports Activities Organized by the IHO and Domestic Eco/Environmental Bodies in support of Non-Smoking Law/Oubay Municipal Council-Alay 10:00 Health Minister Ali Khalil eulogizing the Deceased at Zahra Mosque Hillock 30/Maj-Ouyoun 10:00 Radwan Sayyed,Nouhad Mashnouq and Ziyad Qadiri Lecturing to Pro-Hariri Youth in Upper Sultan Ya'qoub/Western Beqaa over the Arab Spring.
She added that the diversified programme of this event combines, among other things, continuous training, film projection and picture exhibition.
The show - titled Power meets Elegance - blended the stories of Abu Dhabi and Ferrari through a mix of live action, acrobatics, advanced film projection techniques and original music.
Regular 2D titles will also benefit from a brighter, sharper image that will never degrade from dust or scratches like film projection would.
The case was referred to the Court of Appeal of Ghent, which recently decided to question the EU Court of Justice on the following matter: should a cubicle consisting of a lockable space where there is room for only one person and where this person can watch films on a television screen for payment, where this person personally starts the film projection by inserting a coin and has a choice of different films, and during the time paid for can continually modify his/her choice of projected films, be regarded as a cinema', as referred to in category 7 of Annex H of the Sixth VAT Directive?
Film Studies Center) and Marc, the editor of Syracuse University Magazine document these vital contributions, such as George Eastman's patent for perforated celluloid film as well as the first public film projection, which took place in Syracuse in 1896.
In order for the vast masses of farmers to gain access to more quality movies, the Chinese government initiated a "Rural Film Exhibition Project" earmarking special film funds to sponsor the purchase of film projection equipment for impoverished rural areas.
We were looking for a way of enhancing an audience's viewing experience and realised Aber was full of all these interesting little venues to put on a film night,' said society treasurer Mari Stevens, who used grant money to buy state-of-the art film projection equipment to bring the idea to life.
In the rear-projection TV technology, the image is projected and reflected onto the screen from behind it, unlike traditional video and film projection in which the projection itself is placed in front of the screen, such as in a movie theater.
The design by Danish-born Michael Elmgreen and Norwegian native Ingar Dragset features a gray concrete slab with a window allowing visitors to view a film projection inside.
1Arthouse Square-a striking 3,000 square metre development by local company Frenson -will add a dynamic new element to the city's creative quarter throughcolourful lighting effects and film projection.
Above the cafe is the wood-lined theatre, an intimate haven for music and drama, lectures and film projection.
But it wasn't Wayne Newton or Rip Taylor people were waiting to see: It was a demonstration of digital film projection by Texas Instruments, which has emerged as a leading player in digital cinema technology.