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a producer of motion pictures

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He, in turn, introduced the girl to prominent film producers from Bengaluru.
Film producers including Mersey musician Pete Wylie, and Frank Cottrell Boyce and Carl Hunter whose latest film, Grow Your Own, went on release on Friday, are shortlisted, as well as new Merseyside talent.
The purpose of the event at the Atrium is to encourage Welsh film producers to take advantage of this prestigious industry initiative.
The agreement would permit film producers in both countries to tap into various incentives and tax breaks offered by both the governments.
The Ministry adds that the decision is part of an agreement providing for re-examination of content and shape of the Tunisian participation in the Cannes Festival International Village, after signing a draft agreement between the Ministry and the Film Producers Board.
This provides an outstanding opportunity for film producers to counter the lower labor costs of less developed countries such as Mexico by upgrading their manufacturing equipment to take advantage of the latest technology.
While some black film stars have prospered, the box office dollars from their efforts have enriched corporate investors, producers, distributors, theater chain owners, TV and film producers, directors and screenwriters.
Once again, this shows Q Television working for the gay community by the gay community as well as for helping gay film producers in consideration of future projects with them," said Olsen.
Selling mainstream America on the story of a teen-ager with a gift in his pocket so special it makes X-rated film producers happy to see him.
The company supplies the product in powder form to licensed compounders and also offers FilmLink 400 pellets in LLDPE carrier directly to film producers.
The production about ballroom dancing, titled ``Shut Up and Dance'' starring Vanessa Williams and Kris Kristofferson, got tripped up because film producers wouldn't provide Airports Department officials with a copy of their sublease with hanger tenants Syncro Aircraft Interiors.
Film producers also want wider machines to produce bigger rolls, more automated systems to allow hands-off roll changing, and more precise tension control for making very thin and stretchable films.
Sherman said that would decrease the likelihood that any tax breaks would go to adult film producers.
Collin of the Association of Independent Feature Film Producers said of the low- budget picture horror film that grossed $140 million in the United States on a rumored production budget of $40,000.