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New film documentary Catfish is shrouded in mystery as some critics do not believe it is a genuine account of a long distance relationship that started on Facebook.
A film documentary - Orgasmic Birth - looks at natural birth and dispels myths about labour.
The film documentary "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death" is the subject of an online ABC News story today -- the fifth anniversary of the U.
A film documentary fabricated by Tobin Yelland, Aaron Rose, Josh Leonard and others is said to be premiering at the upcoming Sundance Film festival.
Gianna's husband Pietro and her family are good friends of mine and they asked if we would make the official film documentary of her life.
The Wadsworth production, which stars Kevin Anderson, Roxanne Hart and newcomer Jessica Chastain in the title role, dovetails with Pacino preparing his experiences with Herod for a film documentary - in the same way his 1996 film ``Looking for Richard'' charted his experiences with Shakespeare's King Richard III.
During the dinner, AMAA will screen the Nike-ARA produced film documentary, Four Laps under Four, the story of the first sub-four-minute mile by Sir Roger Bannister, MD.
The award-winning film documentary has now produced a unique and extraordinary coffee-table book of photography showcasing Zana Briski's own work in collaboration with these children's photography over a period of seven years.
According to a Danish film documentary, for example, UN troops had a large hand in spreading the AIDS virus in Cambodia in the early 1990s, with peacekeepers having sex with locals--children and prostitutes.
The story of the "Montford Point Marines" is now being told by historians in a film documentary being produced by South Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
With a book by Sachi Oyama, music by Nathan Wang and lyrics by Aaron Coleman, Imelda sprinkles magical and surreal dust on the life and times of the quirky diva who recently tried to ban a Sundance film documentary about her, claiming it "damaged" her image.
Also being shown on Sunday is Loach's film documentary Which side are you on?
AN S4C film documentary will offer a unique portrayal of one of Wales' most colour-ful contemporary political figures.
If he does come to Scotland, his every move will be recorded by a film documentary team.
It is still flourishing today, as a recent film documentary asserting that Marlowe was responsible for the Shakespearean output, the establishment of a "Shakespeare Authorship" website on the internet, and the two books under review all demonstrate.