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Synonyms for censorship



Synonyms for censorship

counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy

deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances

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In a section devoted to 'Obscenity and Censorship', controversies and censorship are discussed from different vantage points: that of a pre-legalization era, in Tommy Gustafsson's essay 'Illegal Screenings of Pornographic Films for Public Audiences in Sweden, 1921-1943', as well as that of the 1960's and its crucial debates and public inquiries into film censorship and freedom of speech.
She has recently published "Crossing Boundaries: Kenji Mizoguchi's 'Fallen Women' in Yoru No Onnatachi and Film Censorship in Occupied Japan" in Art Research (March 2014) and "Film Censorship in Japan under the U.
Immediately, white politicians made plans to ban the exhibitions through local film censorship boards.
This comes half a year after censorship authority head Abdel Satar Fathi saidthat Egypt's film censorship board would stop deleting scenes , and then quickly backpedaled.
In the process, Hallett also provides a reading of the film censorship movements of the 1920s as both an attack on those who challenged gender norms and as an opportunity for middle-class women to assert some control over motion picture content.
Being amaster filmmaker of the country, Adoor Gopalakrishnan maintained his stand against the film censorship as the Padma Vibhushan awardee argues that the audience in a democratic society like India shoulddecide what to watch and what not.
The Malaysia's Film Censorship Board has deemed the film, based on E.
Although China is notorious for film censorship, "Nightingale" faced no such issues.
Doherty makes film censorship seem like a preoccupation with fault-finding.
The genre comes up for discussion on Friday in a presentation at Vane Gallery by Daniel Gibson who has curated film programmes in the UK and America and has written on film censorship.
The authority to make cuts to films, plays, music, art and books, and to ban them outright, Akiki explains, lies with the National Committee of Information, the Film Censorship Committee (which includes four ministerial representatives), the interior minister, the information minister and the attorney general.
The decision to ban the film in Malaysia was made about two weeks ago by Malaysia's home ministry Film Censorship Board and its Chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid.
He had worked in radio news, advertising, media relations, film censorship and public relations.
Eleven essays then address "themes and perspectives," including representations of female sexuality, queerness in Bollywood, diasporic themes, nationalism and patriotism, technology and hybridization in the post-liberalization period, mainstream cinema use of music, science fiction, film censorship, and the advertising and marketing of Indian cinema.
Focusing on the controversy around the film Buruan Cium Gue (Kiss Me Quick, 2004) and the public dispute it engendered over film censorship regulations, she discusses the rising image of Islam in Indonesian audiovisuals after the Soeharto era.