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STATEN ISLAND, New York: Lebanese-American vocalist and film actress Hanan died Sunday at Staten Island University Hospital.
Charlotte is aiming for a career as a film actress.
Excellent commentary on the appeal of Hedy LaMarr, and Hollywood's confusion over the exotic appeal of silent film actress Pola Negri is countered by the odd choice of Marisa Tomei, an actress with a relatively brief career, to represent one of Negra's main contentions, "The Fantasy of Ethnicity.
This book in the popular series takes Sammy to Hollywood to be with her mother, an aspiring film actress.
A blistering satire of modern Hollywood, the novel is also a full-on ghost story: Pickett selects as his hiding place the remote estate of a once-famous silent film actress with a taste for sexual sadism (among other things), and it turns out she's still haunting the place along with a cabal of the ghosts of old movie stars.
Popular Japanese television and film actress Norika Fujiwara said Wednesday she will star in a Hong Kong action movie to be released on Christmas this year.
A film actress as well, Anderson has starred in movies including The Taking of Beverly Hills, The Evolution of Mr.
EVENTS 1962: Film actress Marilyn Monroe, above, is found dead in her bed with an empty bottle of sleeping tablets by her side 1973: Three people are killed and 55 wounded when two Arab gunmen open fire at Athens airport.
LAHORE -- A local court on Friday issued non-bailable arrest warrants of film actress Meera for not appearing before it despite being summoned in a case.
LAHORE -- Film actress Meera was rushed to a hospital on Friday as she 'passed out' during a fundraising campaign for her charity hospital, a private news channel reported.
FILM actress Sophia Myles was spotted taking a well-earned break from a busy day of filming in Liverpool, admiring the city's architectural charms.
Saoirse Ronan is up for Best Film Actress for Byzantium, while Amy Huberman could nab Best Film Actress in a Supporting Role for The Stag.
Islamabad, July 16 ( ANI ): Pakistani film actress Meera, who recently announced that she will be constructing a charity hospital in the name of her mother, has credited Imran Khan for being an inspiration behind her project.
Jessie Andrews, a 20-year-old adult film actress, is set to appear in Cyrus' new video for "Decisions" slated to release next week, (http://www.
Summary: DUBAI - Pakistani film actress Reema Khan will lead a breast cancer walkathon on Friday at 8am at the Bur Juman Centre in Bur Dubai.