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Synonyms for actor

a theatrical performer

one who participates

Synonyms for actor

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The movement, rhythm, and gestures of the film actor are as central to film and its experience as are editing and framing.
January 26, 1973: Tough guy film actor Edward G Robinson.
Then, maybe, just maybe, you will succumb to the modest charms of Richard Kwietniowski's vaguely Thomas Mann-ish scenario (adapted from a Gilbert Adair novel) about an aging British widower (John Hurt) who obsesses over a pretty young American film actor (Jason Priestley).
PHILADELPHIA, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- As a preview to the 430th birthday of William Shakespeare, nationally recognized stage and film actor Bruce A.
Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III, right, Michael Weinstein, President, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, middle, and Darren James, former adult film actor, share a laugh during a press conference hosted by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to introduce AB 332, a statewide law requiring condom use by adult film performers, Thursday, Feb.
BORN NEIL Armstrong, US astronaut, 1930 WAYNE Bridge, English footballer, 1980 PETE Burns, 1980s pop star, 1959 DIED RICHARD Burton, British film actor, 1984, above SIR Alec Guinness, British film actor, 2000 JEFF Porcaro, US rock drummer, 1992
Munawar Zarif was a famous Pakistani comedian and film actor.
LAHORE -- Pakistani film actor Humaima Malick won the South Asia Rising Star Film Award in the Best Lead Actress category for her role in the movie Bol.
The acceptance the drama received bolstered when Manjulan gained more publicity as a film actor.
Young Barbara Lombardo proves herself a natural film actor -- she instinctively knows just how much emotion to give the camera, in a role that could easily have devolved into sustained hysteria -- as Cristina Quadri (or so she thinks).
Birthdays: 1952: ChristopherReeve, 52, American film actor, famous for playing Superman.
October 31, 1993: American film actor River Phoenix died following a drug overdose at The Viper Rooms in Los Angeles.
A JURY was sworn in today for the trial of two men accused of attempting to extort money from Oscar-winning film actor Russell Crowe.
But for now the director's eyes are fixed on his gender-bending reinvention of Hamlet's universe--and on directing Peter Darling, the respected English-born theater and film actor who will star in the upcoming New York performances.