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a cinematic festival that features films (usually films produced during the past year)

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Nostalgia will be the dominant theme at this year's AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival.
Considered the leading gathering of film festival producers in the world, the International Film Festival Summit attracts more than 300 film industry leaders and attendees representing more than 800 official film festivals across the globe.
Outside of the Toronto International Film Festival juggernaut in September, Toronto's film festivals are now crammed into a narrow window between early April and early June.
Young directors have to understand the game, and entering these film festivals is part of getting a distribution deal," says Joe Brewster, writer and director of The Keeper, a psychological prison drama starring Giancarlo Esposito, which opened in New York in September.
When the unofficial season of lesbian and gay film festivals kicks off this month with events in New York City and San Francisco and in July in Los Angeles, gay moviemakers: won't be the only ones in attendance.
The short 25 minute documentary film has also made it to the finals of 32 different international film festivals, namely:
The third Reel World Film Festival opened in a freak spring ice storm that paralyzed Toronto.
Goldmark Director, Danny Rodriguez, states, "When asked to be showcased at the Latin American Film Festival, we were quick to respond.
THE IFP Los Angeles Film Festival, opening Wednesday, is beginning to reap the rewards of its more public-friendly programming with strong advance ticket sales for its premieres and novelty events.
Flanders admits it's frustrating that Inside Out often receives less coverage than smaller film festivals.
First known for its film festival showcasing Maverick film and the digital technologies that have empowered and revolutionized filmmaking, Cinequest's first step three years ago into expanded film delivery was through the pioneering work of Cinequest Online, which leveraged Open Media Network (OMN) technologies to provide the Internet's premier site of quality DVD to HD downloads, delivered efficiently and safely.
now awash in film festivals - from several independent film conclaves to localized community endeavors (including a Hollywood fest at the ArcLight a month or so back) to movie bashes catering to specific ethnicities, races, genders, gender preferences and even subject-matter enthusiasts - why get excited about the venerable AFI shebang?
Some of the buzz at last year's Toronto International Film Festival hovered around claims that, in its 20th year, the Festival of Festivals was finally living up to its name by cracking into the top three on the list of the biggest and most important film festivals worldwide.
Danielson has been seen at film festivals such as SXSW and Oslo International Film Festival.
LANCASTER - Offering a weekend reprieve from big-studio productions, dozens of independent short films and features, including entries from the Cannes and Sundance film festivals as well as some Academy Award-nominated shorts, will come to the Antelope Valley.