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the person who directs the making of a film

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LAHORE -- Prominent film director, Iqbal Kashmiri said on Monday that he would start shooting of two new films at the bringing of new year.
SRF will also hold another debate on Tunisia's movie-making, on the occasion of Cannes Festival film directors' fortnight (May 17-27), with the attendance of Tunisian film directors and film-making professionals.
The festival will feature films that the directors claim have been censored by the Film Directors Union, as they were deemed 'not patriotic enough' for a film festival on the theme of the Turkish invasion.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) -- Famous American film director Francis Ford Coppola arrived in Istanbul on friday.
ANKARA, Oct 15, 2009 (TUR) -- Renowned film director Francis Ford Coppola said Thursday he had not come to Turkey to shoot a movie but that he came for a visit.
Participants view and discuss the work of specific film directors who have made a unique contribution to the art of film.
Now Chris Monger, who is directing the new Dylan Thomas film, The Map of Love, and Marc Evans, who directed House of America, are joining eminent film directors such as Italy's Bernardo Bertolucci and Britain's Michael Winterbottom by adding their names to a petition which will be sent to MP Gerald Kaufman, chairman of a Parliamentary Select Committee set up to scrutinise the Film Council's work.
I think the qualified film directors like Bill Friedkin are very important to the opera.
In this year's Oscars awards at Kodak Theater, Teshigahara was featured in the annually held memorial corner for late film directors, where their films are shown.
Since the 1960s, film directors have been socialising the world to accept forbidden practices through "sensitive treatment.
Sigourney Weaver, a member of the board of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, musician Branford Marsalis, and film directors Jonathan Demme and Mira Nair, have joined Witness.
John Nash's winning pitch - which told an unexpected story of a man and his mustache -was selected from more than 2,000 entries by a panel of Tribeca Film directors.
The films by famous Iranian film directors will be screened during this week, including The Cherry Taste, Cannes Film Festival prize winner, The Haven Children, which was nominated for Oscar.
BUDDING film directors are invited to enter an awards scheme to reward young creative talent.
Noted film directors - such as Bruce Beresford, Franco Zeffirelli and Herbert Ross - are crossing over into opera with a certain regularity, but not always with great success.