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Synonyms for Filipino

official language of the Philippines

of or relating to or characteristic of the Philippines or its people or customs


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And as there are talks of this being Pacquiao's last year in the game let's hope there will be time for a Mayweather match before the Fillipino quits to go into politics.
Analiza Concepcion, chairperson of the Filipino Community (FILCOM) and director of Fillipino Off-Road Auto Club, said that Safety Awareness Booklets were distributed to the participants free of charge that give emphasis to UAE Immigration and labour laws.
And caused a rumpus while joking with a Fillipino nurse that her country must be "half-empty" as so many residents were working in the NHS last year.
She looks like a Fillipino child but barely speaks few lines of Tagalog.
The kingdom boasts a large Fillipino workforce and members of its community have been stunned by the damage caused by the storm and the tragic loss of lives in their home country.
Part one looks at identity: theoretical models for Southeast Asian identity, gender identity and masculinity in Asian American fraternities, identity construction as Chinese American and Fillipino American, engaging culture and identity in graduate education, naming Asian Americanness and student development research, and the role of critical theory in Pacific Islander indigeneity.
Chapter 3, by Pauline Barber, examines the case of Fillipino women's labour migration to Canada and argues in favor of a "transnational flame of reference" in citizenship discourse and technology to account for transnational affinities and connections.
And Nikoll is also highly rated at Fillipino stick fighting, freestyle karate, Pencak Silat - an Indonesian battle technique, and systemised escrima, another type of stick fighting.