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Synonyms for Filipino

official language of the Philippines

of or relating to or characteristic of the Philippines or its people or customs


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I salute all the kababayan, all the Filipinos,' replied Abdul.
When Chennai was flooded a couple of years ago, our community was equally active in helping out with, not just the Filipinos, but also Indians who been affected by the floods in Chennai," Daza added.
As we welcome 2018, we pray that Filipinos will continue to live with the light of love and hope in their hearts," she said.
Bayanihan envisions not only to showcase Philippine culture to overseas Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, it also wishes to share with other nationalities in Dubai the unique Filipino way of celebrating themselves and be a further eye-opener for the rest of the UAE community as to what the Filipino spirit and soul is all about," he emphasised.
Dubai: Thousands of Filipinos will be treated to a community celebration this Friday during the Bayanihan Festival 2017 that promises a day full of fun and competitions, cultural performances, giveaways, entertainment and an award ceremony for exceptional Filipinos.
The Department of Finance moved quickly to help deliver on the President's campaign promise to create a financial institution totally dedicated to catering to the needs of all overseas Filipinos-the Overseas Filipino Bank,' Dominguez said.
Making Filipinos more competitive and prepared for a global exchange in trade, commerce, and development, the government introduced reform in education with the K-12 program, adding two more years in basic education that make Filipinos at par with other progressive nations.
She fleshes out the theoretical, methodological and political potential and possibilities of performance and spotlights how Filipinos in the diaspora engage in performances that "produce new affiliations, politics, and ways of thinking" (p.
Here are some interesting facts about the history of Filipinos in the U.
Such holidays give an opportunity for Filipinos to eat and bond with families and friends.
ABOUT 12 Filipino restaurants have so far confirmed their support for and participation in the grand showcase of Filipino cuisine in Qatar.
FISHING IN TROUBLED WATERS: Freed Filipino fishermen, who were jailed for illegally entering into Eritrean waters, a week ago.
As of today, over 11 million Filipinos, or about 11 percent of the total population, have migrated outside the Philippines, creating a Filipino diaspora all over the world since the 1970s.
Glenda Tibe Bonifacio's analysis of Filipino women living on the Canadian Prairies is a welcomed contribution to the growing scholarly literature on Filipinos in Canada.
David Butorac, CEO of OSN said: "Our partnership with ABS-CBN, the largest provider of entertainment to Filipinos globally, is a clear demonstration of our network's strength in reaching out to the widest cross-section of the region's Filipino community.
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