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Synonyms for Filipino

official language of the Philippines

of or relating to or characteristic of the Philippines or its people or customs


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The book is reader-friendly and targets the major issues Filipinos face that are easily summed up in aACAyfive Is' -- indebtedness, intoxication, immorality or illegal affairs, illegal recruitment, and improper documents.
Music concerts, family and sports events, and a product launch marked the fun-filled week for the Filipino community in Qatar.
This chapter includes a thorough and indepth demographic profile of Filipinos and Filipino women in Canada.
While the Philippines has elected female presidents, patriarchy still very much influences how Filipinos view leadership, demonstrated by the number of men elected as leaders of Filipino communities and public offices in Canada.
We Filipinos are always more than willing to welcome people into our homes, feed them and make sure that we provide them with nothing but the utmost comfort.
However, even if Binalot just attracts Filipinos to come and eat good-old homemade food in banana leaves, there is still a sizeable target group.
The remaining two chapters under this part interrogate the description of Filipinos as innately nurturing: that such a description places Filipinos to affect-related jobs just to satisfy Canada's need for cheap labour (Chapter 2).
276 declaring December of every year as month of Overseas Filipinos as a tribute to the Filipinos living abroad and encourage their participation in the development activities in the country.
Over more than 20 years, Emirates has carried millions of passengers on the Dubai-Manila route and I am sure with the number of Filipinos on the move around the world, Clark will be equally successful.
Summary: Muscat: There has been a 100-per cent increase in the number of Filipino migrant workers .
A Filipino couple looking for a new unit told XPRESS they were shocked when watchmen in two Karama buildings told them about an unwritten no-leasing-to-Filipinos rule by landlords.
He said that tight screening of Filipinos leaving the country was necessary to prevent human trafficking, illegal recruitment and even drug mules.
Some 40,000 Filipinos are thought to work in Lebanon despite the ban.
Filipinos were drafted for service during the war, when the Philippines was still a U.
Barkada cultural chairman Ermie Cachola, who performed with others in several traditional Filipino dances, said the group's goal was to get young Filipino-Americans to learn about their history and see what other Filipinos are doing in business and culture.
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