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Synonyms for Filipino

official language of the Philippines

of or relating to or characteristic of the Philippines or its people or customs


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All that] I ask [for] our overseas Filipino workers, is that their dignity is honored and the rights of a human being, upheld and respected,' he said.
I have yet to see a translation of important classic literature of foreign countries into our Filipino language.
Colinares thanked him profusely for learning how to speak Filipino.
Personally donating less than a dollar a day to Save the Children would feed a Filipino child for an entire year.
Filipino professionals in India are mostly consultants in engineering and civil works in Chennai and IT specialists in Hyderabad and Bagalore.
Loren Legarda urged Filipinos to welcome the New Year"with a grateful heart" and hope for Filipinos to be "stronger, wiser and more resilient.
The festival captures the essence of Filipino hospitality and creativity.
Filipino children who grew up in the UAE will see many of their traditions come alive right before their eyes.
Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III last Sunday welcomed Malacanang's approval of the acquisition of the Philippine Postal Savings Bank (PPSB) by the Land Bank of the Philippines (LandBank), which, he said, would cater not only to the country's migrant workers but to other overseas-based Filipinos, as well.
Rica Pales emphasizes that Filipinos continuous interaction with nature, its environment, and the many natural occurrences and weather patterns have influenced the Filipino psyche and behavior, among others.
Christine Bacareza Balance's Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America is an important and welcome contribution to an emergent body of writing that provides innovative and incisive analysis of Filipino diasporic expressive forms and, specifically, Filipino performance.
Philippine Ambassador to Qatar HE Wilfredo C Santos led the formal opening of the three-week-long feature of Filipino cuisine at the premier establishment together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chief of Protocol Ibrahim Fakhro and Filipino celebrity chef Michelle Adrillana.
The Luzones Indios 6 three Filipino men 6 arrived in California in 1587.
Call it a clever brand strategy, or the ultimate excuse to showcase the range and richness of Filipino cuisine in Qatar, or both, Kulinarya Qatar is determined to put Filipino food into the Arab mainstream, promote economic diplomacy through cuisine, and increase appreciation and awareness of the Philippines as a tourist, business, and trade destination.
FISHING IN TROUBLED WATERS: Freed Filipino fishermen, who were jailed for illegally entering into Eritrean waters, a week ago.
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