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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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BTRFS filesystem recovery and migration - Process and service management with systemd - Enhanced Grub2 bootloader support - Point-in-time backups of MariaDB databases
The Linux Foundation have announced its 2015 events schedule, which includes LinuxCon and CloudOpen in North America and Europe, the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, Embedded Linux Conference, Android Builders Summit and ApacheCon, as well as new events for 2015, open source storage and filesystems conference, Vault, and ContainerCon, focused on the rapidly expanding container industry.
In addition to the optimized Aeon Computing 7 PB Lustre filesystem, each node will be equipped with two processors, 128 GB (gigabytes) of traditional DRAM, and 320 GB of flash memory.
Brisk uses the Cassandra database to replace Hadoop's HDFS filesystem and the HBase database.
Coverage progresses from installation and compiling code to Java and Groovy integration, using Groovy with the filesystem, parsing and writing XML documents, web services, and metaprogramming.
In most instances they use a single hard disk that is partitioned with a single root filesystem containing all system files as well as other applications and user data.
Troubleshoot hard disk and filesystem failures to recover lost data "The book is suitable for anyone who wants to understand more about how Linux works, how services running under Linux work, how it can be integrated into an existing environment, and how to do any of the specific tasks outlined in the book.
In a purchase completed earlier this month, the Maryland-based NASA facility acquired an additional compute and storage solution incorporating 3 SGI Altix 3000 systems with a total of 1,024 Intel Itanium 2 processors and 2TB of global shared-memory, and the ability to store and manage another 200 trillion bytes, or terabytes (TB), of data with an SGI InfiniteStorage storage area network with the SGI InfiniteStorage shared filesystem CXFS.
Through the use of integrated client and server technologies the company will deliver an active threat management system for mobile phones incorporating remote diagnostics to identify suspicious files or programs on the device; an embedded anti-virus engine based on McAfee's security expertise; automated updates to virus definition files on a device; the bulk distribution of security updates to all vulnerable devices and the ability to remotely reset a compromised device using OTA firmware or filesystem updates.
Silicon Graphics (NYSE:SGI) has debuted a heterogeneous Storage Area Network (SAN) that fully supports Mac OS X: SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS.
Windows NT, 2000 or XP Professional should be installed using the NTFS filesystem to allow for better file security.
It's a cost-effective disaster recovery solution," Marachi explains, "the remote filesystem is always in a consistent state.
New Tree View Filesystem: The Zettaset solution now includes HDFS FileSystem Explorer to simplify file navigation by presenting a tree view of the raw Hadoop file system.
With DDNs high-performance storage and Lustre filesystem solution, customers can easily facilitate proof of concept and benchmarking activities at our HPC Innovation center and more quickly determine the best solution for their needs.