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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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These file virtualization switches use industry standard CIFS and NFS protocols to virtualize existing heterogeneous file systems.
1 enhancements, in addition to S/390 Linux Rescuer, add support for file-level backup/restore of FIFO and device files, expanding the capability of UPSTREAM to protect all existing Linux file types including hard links, symbolic links, owners, single file systems, Reiser file systems as well as ext2, ext3, XFS and remote NFS attachments.
IBRIX Fusion is a highly-available, scalable file serving solution that allows enterprise system administrators to build file systems that can scale to up to 100's petabytes of capacity in a single namespace, and provide up to one terabyte per second of aggregate I/O throughput performance independently and non-disruptively.
Unlike D2D systems, which rely upon native OS file systems, virtual tape libraries write data to proprietary file systems and present the data as physical tapes to the backup servers.
Bennick emphasizes the significance of company culture (organizational structure, degree of autonomy for subordinate organizations, management support, work style, and extent of document sharing) toward an effective file system and provides in-depth explanations, illustrations, and examples of
Lustre, the Lustre logo, Cluster File Systems, and CFS are trademarks of Cluster File Systems, Inc.
While the discussion about grid file systems is important, the nature of the storage underneath them is equally critical, if not more so.
She delivers on her promises to present file system development concepts and applications, provide sample forms for gathering facts and user requirements, and explain process flow charts and case studies to illustrate concepts and problems.
Enhancing the scalability of the Lustre File System to meet the performance requirements of petascale systems
Traditional NAS solutions only support a maximum of 16 TB file systems today.
With 20 years of experience in the software industry, he has extensive knowledge of operating systems, networking, file systems and RAS.
Phil Schwan, CEO of Cluster File Systems (CFS) and developer of the Lustre Open Source Cluster File System spoke with CTR about the state of his company and the adoption and positioning of the Lustre File System--a high-performance cluster file system developed for managing very large volumes, with very high bandwidths.
We look forward to working with Cluster File Systems to further develop their technology.
These include parallel and distributed file systems (sometimes called clustered file systems), such as DFS, PVFS, Sistina's GFS, Silicon Graphics' CXFS and IBM's GPFS.