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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Software developers themselves, a vital part of the new economy, work in an environment that can benefit significantly from shared data and file systems.
today announced that Electromagnetic Geoservices AS (emgs), the Seabed Logging Company, has implemented the IBRIX Fusion(TM) Parallel File System, an enterprise-class fully-integrated single namespace software suite, for generating more sophisticated oil and gas analyses and surveys and accelerating its delivery to oil and gas customers worldwide.
The difference lies in the software managing the shared data--the clustering software as well as the clustered volume and file system software (Fig 3).
The disadvantage of the user library approach is its lack of compatibility with the usual system call interface to the host OS file systems, requiring applications to be modified to take advantage of these capabilities.
the technology leader in operating systems and software development tools for safe and secure systems, introduced today its Partitioning, Journaling File System (PJFS).
Charting the emergence of the Direct Access File System
We moved all of the overhead that's inherent in today's network file systems.
inventor of the Segmented File System(TM), today announced that the IBRIX Fusion(TM) Software Suite, an enterprise-class, fully-integrated parallel file system solution, has demonstrated 2.
The requirement to allow the existing, de-centralized computers and the exploding Internet platforms to truly share data from a vast menu of selections by using a new and disruptive file system approach has never been greater.
the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), to feature Datalight's Reliance transactional file system and FlashFX Pro flash driver software as a complement to the latest versions of Wind River's VxWorks-based platforms.
These innovative devices virtualize file systems from heterogeneous file servers and NAS devices, and introduce intelligent storage management policies to optimize resource utilization, performance and scalability.
Employing that system's network communications and disk access, S/390 Linux Rescuer allows FDR/UPSTREAM to recover a user's entire system, including their Linux system boot disk, file systems, device drives as well as all their application program and data files.
Parallel file system checks improve boot times and increase availability whenever multiple file systems are run.
IBRIX Fusion removed I/O bottlenecks in our file systems, allowing our rendering application to perform as much as 100% faster in a stable and highly scalable environment, plus, we were able to migrate data on-the-fly without shutting down production.