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(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources

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In a previous opinion issued in 2012, the German High Court had found that file hosting providers must block access to links and delete files once they receive notification that they violate copyrights.
HTML, domain names and file hosting were terms I recognised but knew precious little about.
He cites the example of Piratebay, who quite rightly call themselves "the most resilient file hosting website in the world".
Developed by two MIT graduates, Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers 2GB of free storage space.
lt;p>But file hosting is growing much faster, Ipoque said, already enabling between 15% to 35% of digital piracy, depending on the region of the world.
The P2P file sharing software provider, the Internet access provider, the file hosting service provider, the uploader or the downloader of these files?
By 2005/06, SAN and NAS device functionality will merge, enabling block versus file hosting to be a provisioning rather than an architectural decision.
IP360 data leakage includes coverage for major file hosting services, peer-to-peer file sharing services and storage vendors.
There was also a distinct increase in the percentage of phishing attacks targeting cloud storage and file hosting sites, webmail and online services, and ecommerce sites last year.
They are only able to collect data on downloaded copies of TV programs, but this does not include online streaming and viewing sites nor files shared via online file hosting sites, which do not offer any public information on the download quantities.
The blackout could be part of Delhi High Court's order of blocking of 450 sites based on the case filed by Multi Screen Media (Sony TV) in regards to illegal file hosting of videos and clips related to World Cup Football matches for which MSM have sole rights.
com will be providing file hosting for Android Application Developers at both ServerHub Phoenix and ServerHub Dallas locations, utilizing ServerHub's High Availability Network to ensure ultimate reliability and scalability for the site.
Tanase cited the example of Kim Schmitz, the founder of Megauploads, a Hong Kong-based file hosting and sharing business.
MyMusicCloud, the free universal cloud music service, is now integrated with Dropbox, the popular cloud file hosting service.
8220;As a small start-up company with a need to focus on cost effective solutions, we searched for cloud based file hosting providers.