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a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters

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But more and more frequently, you'll see the file extension .
Clear the <Hide file extensions for known file types> check box, and then click <OK>.
Or, use an "Extensions View" to see the sizes taken up by the various file extensions.
Additionally, extra security is provided as messages with file extensions, attachments or preset key words may be detected and deleted.
Smith said clients who gave her their companies' information in March often had to file extensions on their S corporation tax returns, which often led to an extension on their personal returns.
FileDen technologies allow all file extensions to be uploaded and shared while providing direct linking.
FileCure makes opening unknown or difficult file extensions easy by scanning the Windows registry to determine which formats a user's existing software supports.
The worm also harvests e-mail addresses for further spreading from various file extensions.
The HD225 comes in a beautiful cherry red finish and can handle the latest digital file extensions and can back up as many as 15 different PCs.
IIJ's proprietary anti-spam solution uses a three-pronged approach to stop large mass mail transmissions before they reach a customer's system: (1) Mail volume control, which checks the number of messages received in a certain unit of time to determine when large volume mail transmissions are occurring, (2) Access control, which uses IP addresses and sender/receiver information to interrupt or restrict mail from specific sources, and (3) File extension filtering, which interrupts or restricts messages with file attachments that have certain file extensions.
Simply give the backup set a name, specify which drives, folders or files should be backed up, create optional date filters or exclusions by file extensions, tell the Wizard which local or network drive should receive the backup, and specify how long you want to keep the backup set.
1 includes a new SDK -- Outside In File ID -- which employs a proprietary algorithm to identify file types without using unreliable file extensions or mime types.
In Windows 2000, this is done through Explorer, via the Tools menu: Tools/Folder Options/View -- and uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types.
SpaceMonitor(TM) provides a graphical report of data compression for specified file extensions or the entire disk, giving a comprehensive space-usage update.