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a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters

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FileDen was established in April 2006 with the idea of producing a website that at that time did not exist - a free file host that allowed most any file extension to be uploaded and shared while allowing direct linking.
vbs file extension, do not open it, even if it comes from a trusted source.
Powerful New Software Program for Opening Unknown File Types and Helping Users Manage File Extension Associations to Repair and Prevent File-Related Errors
Available today on Network Appliance versions, NTP Software QFS with Deep Scan uses sophisticated heuristics to determine the real content of a file, even if the file extension has been changed.
Saved documents retain the file extension and creation data, and can be emailed to clients, contacts, banks, etc.
In an email dated July 14th 1995, the new file extension was proclaimed:
divx file extension clearly identifies content in the DivX format for guaranteed playback on any DivX(R) Certified device
IIJ's proprietary anti-spam solution uses a three-pronged approach to stop large mass mail transmissions before they reach a customer's system: (1) Mail volume control, which checks the number of messages received in a certain unit of time to determine when large volume mail transmissions are occurring, (2) Access control, which uses IP addresses and sender/receiver information to interrupt or restrict mail from specific sources, and (3) File extension filtering, which interrupts or restricts messages with file attachments that have certain file extensions.
0 adds support for more advanced search tools, including phonetic, video key frame, and file extension search.
It delivers valuable information such as attack type, virus type, source, destination, frequency, file type, file extension and viruses by protocol.