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office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

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24 /PRNewswire/ -- OfficeMax Incorporated , a leader in office products and services, has launched a nationwide furniture event offering savings up to 50 percent off desks, executive chairs, file cabinets and office accessories.
The paper reported that its staff members were able to enter the unlocked room, open file cabinets, and access inactive student documents easily and without being questioned.
There are plenty more honors and commendations in boxes and file cabinets in that back room that Betty Jane needs to get to soon.
You'll need a large wastebasket and a box of manila folders, and you'll need to free up space in a real file cabinet nearby.
File the folders, in order of deadlines in your file cabinet.
You may want to invest in shelving and file cabinets and fireproof storage units.
While the didactic tenor of this central file cabinet is in keeping with Valcarcel Medina's recent work--which, like his monumental new book 2000 d.
I also keep a file cabinet immediately next to my desk.
You can't tell your customers to wait for a day or two while you go through a couple of thousand file cabinets before you get back to them.
Due to the difficulty of filing thick items such as books and magazines, any item of width is better housed on your shelves than within your file cabinets.
Personal items seized from his desk and file cabinets were used in administrative proceedings that resulted in his discharge.
Now that MasterCard is replacing its file cabinets with an optical-imaging system, it can retrieve documents in seconds.
Subscribers access their HomeDataGuard(TM) Online File Cabinets from any computer with Internet access.
In all, 20 file cabinets are available and offer room for more than five million digital pages that can be managed far more easily than dealing with reams of paper.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- California math teachers need not comb through stacks of boxes, file cabinets, and CD's to find worksheets, tests, and multimedia files thanks to a new resource from Holt, Rinehart and Winston (http://www.