file system

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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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New Universal File Access Features Native SharePoint Integration With ownCloud 7, users can now access and sync all of their SharePoint content via ownCloud --updated files are synced automatically in either direction C giving them easy, intuitive access to SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.
Cloud file server solutions provider Egnyte has introduced a new application for mobile file access, file sharing and backup, the company said today.
Together, WAFS + CDP for distributed enterprises provide unprecedented support for all users in both file access performance and peace of mind from continuous consolidated backup and assured business continuity.
Integrated into the hosted Profile Manager is SSP NetSign, a client site system that seamlessly integrates Profile Manager's authentication certificates and encryption keys through smart cards and readers to enhance security for electronic commerce, email, Internet or file access, and remote network functions.
With the Novell Native File Access Pack, users are able to efficiently retrieve and store the information they need on the network, regardless of the type of workstation they have, while system administrators gain improved management capabilities, plus the proven security and reliability benefits of NetWare.
the company that created iTwin, the world's first 'limitless' secure USB device for remote file access, today announced its new iTwin Multi functionality.
What elevates a NAS device above a traditional file server is that its server component has been optimized for efficient file access and stripped of auxiliary utilities common to most operating systems.
SRT), an innovator in secure file transfer and file collaboration software, announced today the release of Version 10 of its popular WebDrive Universal File Access Client.
FileWay extends OWA to allow users complete file access from anywhere you can find the Internet without requiring additional software installation," said Chris Baker, lead product manager at Microsoft.
NAS is defined as storage elements that connect directly to a network, most often an Ethernet LAN, and provide file access to one or more computer systems.
Popular Universal File Access Software now Available for Mac Users
Since file-sharing by multiple servers is a fundamental requirement of this environment, storage is usually aggregated into shared storage pools, accessed by the servers using a file access protocol such as NFS.
com ), the mobile file access platform provider, and Handango ( www.
Certeon S-Series Turbo Charges File Access Over a Distributed SharePoint Web Infrastructure
Because developers typically work in their own home directories, file access is naturally partitioned, which reduces the potential for delays that would be possible if multiple servers request access to the same files.