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Patent 8,863,297: Secure virtual file management system, granted October 14, 2014
The cases have been settled through a patent agreement under which TomTom will pay Microsoft for coverage under the eight car navigation and file management systems patents in the Microsoft case.
The all new Glide extends your file management system beyond your local and online desktops to the web itself - beyond the limitation of a particular device, browser or even a specific search portal, social network or other website.
Its accompanying Echo software provides a file management system like Windows Explorer, automatic backup, catalog software--and, for that pesky playback problem, video and audio playback directly from tape.
The ePortal also serves as an online file management system, allowing the trading partners to exchange data files.
Implementing a Web-based, metadata-controlled file management system is a tactical first step, but it can be a strategic move as well.
The NFX Managed-Memory Token's efficient command set and on-board file management system ease the host microprocessor's load, decreasing both hardware requirements and firmware complexity.