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the basic unit of money in Fiji

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It is part of Digicel Fiji s 70 million Fijian dollars investment announced last month.
With hockey not being a lucrative career option, each player has had to pay 3,000 Fijian dollars ( ` 91,800) to make the trip to India.
In its last financial year, Air Pacific Group, which also owns a stake in a Fijian resort, reported an after-tax profit of 25 million Fijian dollars ($14 million) on revenues of 587 million Fijian dollars ($328 million).
2) As for the purchase of tabua, people I knew in Suva and in the village of Niubasaga on the island of Moturiki told me that it was necessary to spend around 200 Fijian dollars for an object of 'good size'.
The small island is popular with honeymooners and even offers to hold wedding ceremonies for the price of 2,300 Fijian dollars (pounds 735).