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an independent state within the British Commonwealth located on the Fiji Islands

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The 26-year-old's class is underscored by his ability to stand out as Fiji's biggest threat even in a back line dripping with strike runners and match-winners.
Professor Lui said that they could contribute greatly to Fiji's tourism industry.
We shall be providing Fiji with indelible ink for the elections, vehicles for the Election Commission and training of election and parliamentary officials as our contribution towards Fiji's march towards a democratic polity," he said.
Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Fiji's acting high commissioner in Canberra was declared persona non grata and was told to leave Australia within 24 hours.
He also rejected Bainimarama's claim that Australian foreign officials had interfered in Fiji's judicial affairs.
IN VIEW of Fiji's recent suspension from the Commonwealth, the general assembly of the Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF) in New Delhi next month is likely to be stormy.
To mark Fiji's International Year of the Coral Reef, visitors are being actively encouraged to take part and help record Fiji's amazing coral reef biodiversity.
Ever since, the Royal Mail worker's family, from Grangetown, Cardiff, have been fiercely proud of their Pacific island roots and have particularly followed Fiji's rugby team.
Although Nicky Little missed the conversion, it extended Fiji's advantage to 15-3 with a 45-metre penalty.
Qera left the field with a knee injury after scoring two tries in Fiji's bruising 35-31 victory over Japan on Wednesday but is included in a side featuring just two changes.
Thirty-four stakeholders gathered on April 12 and 13 to discuss the potential of the greening of Fiji's sugar industry.
Some of Fiji's more recent Hollywood cameos include ``Dodgeball'' and ``50 First Dates,'' where the square, light blue bottle was peeking out of Drew Barrymore's bag in one scene.
exclaimed the cabdriver at Fiji's Nadi (pronounced Nandi) airport.
During the last ten years over 20,000 highschool students have taken part in an initiative aimed at bridging Fiji's divisions and building a better country.
Ironically, while ethnic tensions continue to seethe, it's global climate change that represents the greatest threat to Fiji's future.