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a small carved or molded figure


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In Material relations: the marriage figurines of Prehispanic Honduras and Maya figurines: intersections between state and household, the authors carry out focused analyses of ceramic figurines from pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica.
Within the many chambers of the tomb, figurines of entertainers would be placed in a open space, representing the public space in which a living storyteller would perform.
Winstanley also produces other animal figurines, including guinea pigs and hedgehogs.
Weloveglassblown is delighted to inform that all shoppers are more convenient to buy glass figurines at various e-stores.
Mr White's figurines range from PS15 for a stormtrooper to several hundred pounds.
Also, earlier the figurines were simplistic without any ornamentation.
Bromfield's figurines from the Rococo collection are commonly decorated with pale pastel colours, therefore referring to one of the core characteristics of that particular style.
We re ecstatic to expand our Bugdroid fun with this amazing collection of colorful figurines, said Cathy Lewis, Vice President Global Marketing, 3D Systems.
Just as it pioneered joining toys to the virtual world for the hugely successful Webkinz, Ganz is incorporating collectible figurines into the online experience of Tail Towns Friends in an innovative way.
They're both known as 'mudman' figurines but while one is modern and of no interest to a collector, the other is a vintage example and more collectable.
Egyptianizing figurines from Delos; a study in Hellenistic religion.
Peter Yeoman, Historic Scotland's head of cultural resources, said: "It's difficult to speculate on the precise function or meaning of these figurines.
A BRITISH archaeology team has located evidence for the production of cruciform figurines such as the Idol of Pomos, which is depicted on the Cypriot one and two euro coins, the Antiquities Department said yesterday.
Non-members too can buy the figurines after signing up for membership, which can be done online (www.
What if we ship 20 plain wooden figurines to 20 different cities across the globe and ask the children to dress them up or paint them to reflect their own culture?